Reprimand Your Kids Without Losing Their Love

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Reprimand Your Kids Without Losing Their Love

If you’re a parent, you know that it’s hard work! Parenting is a real job that few other jobs can compare to. And it’s especially hard when it feels like you’re losing your children’s love.

As a parent, you want your children to grow up to be the best they can be. Sometimes, you have to reprimand your children so they learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. This approach isn’t very popular with kids – particularly the ones who think they know it all!

Especially when your kids are in the rebellious stage, your approach to parenting is going to be crucial. Yes, you’re in charge while they’re under your roof. But how you teach them now can determine how well the lesson is absorbed and applied later in life.

Try these tips for parenting and reprimanding without losing your children’s love:

Encourage open communication. You’ll have a great relationship with your kids if you continually encourage open communication. In both positive and challenging situations, your desire to keep communication open will define your relationship with your children.

  • Ask your child about experiences at school each day. Show interest in whatever they do.
  • When you encourage open communication with your child, they’ll feel more comfortable talking to you about anything. They’ll want to come to you for help with their challenges.
  • If you encourage honest discussion, it shows that you recognise your child’s maturity. Remember kids always like to feel older than they are!

Listen to their point of view. When you’re reprimanding your child, it’s still important to listen to their point of view. Show them that even though you have the final word, you respect their words and opinions.

  • It’s easier to gain compliance from your children when you listen to them. It also encourages discussion, even though you’ve already laid down the law.
  • Listening helps to keep you in check, too! If you were a little too stern with your kids, they’ll definitely want you to know that! It could help you assess your parenting skills as well.
  • Your child’s point of view may also help you look at situations differently. After all, it’s possible that you could have been incorrect or misinformed.

Be firm without anger. It’s important to learn how to be firm without becoming angry with your children. You’ll likely get some back talk, but avoid allowing that to fuel your anger. Focus on parenting first!

  • If you’re angry, wait until you’ve cooled down before reprimanding your child. It’s easy to say the wrong things when you’re angry. You want to ensure you’re conveying the appropriate message.
  • Ensure that the seriousness of the situation is communicated even if you aren’t angry. You want to avoid being taken lightly in the midst of a serious situation.

Share your experiences. When reprimanding, it helps to share your own childhood experiences. Spend some time telling your child what happened to you in similar situations. Explain the impact of making one choice over the other.

  • Your child has more appreciation of your reprimanding when you share stories of similar experiences because it makes them feel like your position is based on actual experience rather than a desire to punish them!
  • Use other people’s experiences to bring the point home. You can find ways to show how a bad decision can lead to terrible outcomes.

Your kids won’t be little forever. As they grow up and learn independence, your influence may slowly diminish. Now’s the time to ensure you instill good values in your children that will last a lifetime. Just remember to do it lovingly so your relationship continues to flourish.

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