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We all have times where we aren’t at our best. Feel free to WhatsApp us (using the button at the bottom of this page) and let us know what is holding you back from the life you want. Real coaches answer this WhatsApp. No bots, no sales staff. We understand that perhaps the past has been challenging or the future seems uncertain. Mental Wealth Unlocked is a place where you can exist in the present whether that’s learning something new, trying out a recipe, working on yourself or being inspired to visit a new place. We provide a safe space for you to re-evaluate your standards and learn to put yourself, your dreams and your health first, be that emotional, physical or mental health. There is no judgement here, just kindness and a safe haven, away from expectations. And when you are feeling better we hope you stay and continue to be inspired to look after your mental wealth. Click the picture to contact us today if you need a little support along your journey.

I No Longer Want To Feel
Disappointed With Life
Overwhelmed By Obstacles
Unable To Make Decisions

Who is this for?

Everyone and anyone.

If you had an idea of how life was supposed to be and it didn’t happen you can benefit greatly from refocusing your time and energy with this site.

If you can’t quite figure out the formula to get what you want and that leaves you with unhelpful emotions that often overwhelm the system from working at optimum levels, then you are in the right place.

If you have low energy or mood, which has a knock on effect of procrastination and unhelpful habits stay here to learn how to beat that once and for all.

What Next?

Some of you may have tried getting help in the form of books or therapy but for whatever reason maybe the wrong book, therapist or time things didn’t result in the life that you wanted. That’s fine, it’s never too late to build your mental wealth back up, but you have to start.

Scroll down to be inspired by some of our suggested starting points or if you feel you need to speak to someone for a coaching session give Sloan a shout and click below.

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Be Inspired
Food As A Tool For Improved Mental Health
Eat In
Dine Out
Bring Paradise Home

Slap Fear In The Face

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