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It is our mission to let as many people experience the art of digital coaching and its benefits

Once you have applied for the free trial you will be guided through which is the best coaching program for you to trial, you do not have to decide now. Our coaching is very flexible, so it will flow effortlessly with your circumstances throughout your coaching.

*If there is no form to fill in, then we are at capacity for free trials but will re-open them soon.

For those who are interested in a brief summary of the different levels of coaching

Every level of coaching (whether group or individual) comes with your very own private self-improvement feed filled with action points, worksheets, self-reflection questions, affirmations and much more. Your coaching is kept confidential and not shared in a group feed. You have access to accountability and support coaches who check in weekly. Each time you complete the coaching tasks set, you are provided with new ones.  You can even set up reminders to be e-mailed coaching reminders with a speedy login link (no more forgotten password issues), or reply to your coach’s comments by e-mail.

Group Digital Coaching: This is the starter or maintenance level of coaching. It solidifies the foundations of success for everyone. You do not have to wait for your group members to complete their tasks. Your coaching is kept separate, but all working to a common goal. We are always adding new Mental Wealth groups but our popular ones include MW Business, MW Relationships, MW Weight Loss, MW Get The Sauce, MW Confidence, MW Parenting & MW Success. We also have MW Support & Rebuild for those struggling with anxiety depression, grief or PTSD.

Individual Digital Coaching:  The key upgrade is that your coaches not only help you with the tasks that they set, but you can also create your own tasks in any self-improvement area and they will provide extra coaching to help support you in their weekly check-ins. You will also get bonus content through your feed including Metrics & Milestones plus additional Worksheets. If you want the ability to set your own tasks, bespoke coaching, and the ability to measure your improvement in tangible form, this is the program for you. It is also our most popular program.

VIP Digital Coaching: VIP has the added benefit of Journals which enables ad-hoc check-ins at crucial times in your coaching – often meaning you can have access to your coach daily at key times. As soon as you fill in your Journal your coach will be in touch, always within 24 hours but often within the hour for short queries and within 3 for longer queries. This offers a high level of touchpoints between you and your coach.  This is very beneficial if you are going through huge change not of your choosing, mental health issues that could benefit from routine, structure and support or if you are ready to make your dreams into reality at lightning speed.

Our trials are free and will help you experience all levels of coaching so you can decide by experience which is best for you. There is no pressure to sign up for our digital coaching. We are confident if you are ready to be coached and you want to be coached online you will love our system as it is flexible for busy people who haven’t been making enough time for themselves but are just realising they need to and also perfect for those who have coached before but want to go digital. We do also offer traditional 1-2-1 phone calls, Zoom meetings and in-person coaching sessions – if you prefer this method contact us through the WhatsApp button to your right. If digital coaching interests you, then sign up below.

If you are happy with your life as it is and don’t want it to change, this is not for you. Although no-one’s life stays the same forever – change is inevitable so remember us for the future.  If you are inherently a procrastinator or hesitant about making decisions and you are still finding you are hesitating to sign up – read our free decision-making coaching article to help you work things out. However, if any part of you wants to be coached you should give us a try and sign up. It’s free and we have 1000’s of happy clients all achieving their goals, you deserve to join them.

Chat to us today, just click the WhatsApp logo to speak to one of our coaches today. Mental Wealth Unlocked© Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.
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