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This website is a safe space to hang out in, to leave labels aside while you exist among the pages and really connect with who you truly are and what you can achieve.

If you are struggling with any mental health issues, whether you love your label or don’t agree with it, we are here to help in a non-judgemental, supportive coaching capacity. Sloan is a dual qualified coach and therapist with over two decades of experience. She has currently opened up her digital coaching system “Get The Sauce” to all her mental wealth unlocked readers.  Access Your Free Trial here.

So often we receive labels. We can be 

  • Too fat or too thin
  • Eternally single or too loved up
  • Too introvert or too extrovert
  • Narcissist or Victim
  • Depressed, Overwhelmed, A Failure, Incompetent

Then there are the medical labels, that are being thrown about by people with very little medical understanding. Can these words really define and describe the complexity of life that makes up the human form. Labels are strong, one bad label can overshadow so many good qualities and really damage confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and can even invalidate one’s beliefs.

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Labels are for clothes

Sometimes, we give labels to ourselves and other times they are forced upon us. Hurtful labels say more about the person dishing them out than they do about anyone on the receiving end. Diagnostic labels are much better suited to physical injuries than mental ones. Anything as rigid as a label can only ever be a starting point in a much bigger discussion. 

Labels Are Meant For Files Not People

The medical profession tries to treat what they can, but the good Dr’s will be the first to admit that they often have to use a trial and error technique because one label certainly does not fit all and there is only so much one can see on medical imaging in relation to the mind. Many agree it’s a spectrum and at any one time, you will fall somewhere on that spectrum. 

Mental Health Disorders File

Who says being in the middle
of a spectrum is the right
or most productive place to be

Adults suffering from anxiety disorder, panic attacks and crises. Mental health concept.

Rip Off The Label

I am slightly more controversial because I believe you can change where you are on the spectrum 9 times out of 10 if you deal with ALL the unhelpful beliefs that keep you locked at an unhelpful end of the spectrum. I don’t like labels unless the person applying the label has done so with no judgment and the person receiving the label gains a benefit from being put in a box. 

Recycle That Label

I prefer something more fluid. Something that allows you to rewrite your story when you feel in a place to do so, something that allows you to be your very best, something that does not give your power away to others to use against you as a weapon. I like to replace labels with the power to author your own story.


Mental health concept

I can name many fabulous
artists who have a
medical diagnosis and
a label but it has
not stopped them

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Always be moving

So long as you are moving forward no matter how small the step is, you are moving along the spectrum to a more productive place for your true talents. That’s what Mental Wealth is all about lifting yourself up to a place emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. So you can then lift others up so we can all rise together. The key ingredient to rising is resilience, and knowing that you are more than a label or situation.

The Fortitude Formula

The first step of the formula is

  • to find a focus something that keeps you in the now,
  • provides you with energy,
  • satisfies your six emotional needs
  • and can be done every day.

Brightly Colored Post It Notes With Positive Affirmations.

There are quite a few options but the one I love revolves around food. To find out more read Culinary Empowerment.  There are two more steps to the Fortitude Formula, but you need to start at the beginning. If you can’t wait then contact me and book in a coaching session.

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