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Psychology, physiology and physical fitness affect our moods, wellbeing and the way others perceive us. In modern-day life the majority of us live in the fast lane constantly striving for bigger and better. This stimulates our body to release adrenalin putting our systems in a “fight or flight” response throughout the day. However, such excess adrenalin has no real outlet as our modern-day lives exist on perceived stressors and not actual ones.



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Some of you have asked me what power words are. They are the words I get my coaching clients to focus on for the week. They normally comprise of 4-6 letter words and each letter stands for another word. That word is a focus for my clients for their week ahead. When clients focus on the 4 to 6 key words of the week mentioned in the main power word they see exponential results. Here is an example with the word POWER. Where if you focus on your PERCEPTION to find OPPORTUNITY while applying a WINNERS MINDSET with positive ENERGY and REPEAT this cycle you will find your power increases and as such your dreams are attracted to you faster. As a follow on from this I’ve been doing POWER words inspired by my travels for you all and been getting amazing feedback. If you love one of my power words or want a power word done for you let me know in the comments below.

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1. Create a gratitude journal

It is very easy to forget how much we have focusing mainly on the pressures and negatives of our daily lives rather than on the positives that we will more often than not take for granted. Whether you wish to fill your gratitude journal with anecdotes from your family life, time spent by yourself, the start of summer, a song you heard on the radio or the fact you have food in the fridge, just take a moment either at the beginning or end of the day to write five things that you are either grateful for or that made you smile today. This will help you get a good perspective on your life and help focus your subconscious towards the positive and therefore attracting more of the same.

2. Take a break

Modern day living results in many of us either sitting at desks, computers or even enduring long commutes which in turn decreases our nervous system function and accelerates the risks to our health. Take time out if possible every 30 minutes to either stand up and stretch or walk to the water cooler and grab a drink or get out of the car to get a minute of fresh air. These pattern interrupts not only change your psychology but by altering your position will also change your physiology and decrease the risk of stress on your spinal joints and skeletal structures.

3. Do more exercise

Once you have mastered taking time out to alter your position every 30 minutes, go that one step further and increase the amount of exercise in your daily routine. If your lifestyle is somewhat sedentary, try walking up to 30 minutes a day preferably in the morning as it fires up your brain and stimulates your body. If you’re already a gym goer, try to vary your routine and remember to smile as you work out as this too changes your physiology and in turn will increase your energy.

4. Read a good book

In our modern-day society many fiction books are filled with horror, violence, science fiction and the likes and although maybe good escape often do not contain valuable insight to steer you through the ever-winding road to a successful life. So pick up a book whether it is on wellbeing or even healthy recipes and take the time out to allow it to inspire you to make that change in your life for the better.

5. Turn off the TV and computer

Now you’ve added another book into your routine, we need to make time for it. In England alone researchers say that both TV and social networks allow us to hide behind technology rather than circulating and connecting with the world on a face-to-face basis. It has been shown that this actual results in brain cell death and therefore on your road to increasing your energy and vitality, not only should you limit your TV and computer time throughout the day, I suggest based on the myriad of research I have read that you avoid both TV and computers for at least an hour before you go to bed. If you are too tired to read the book mentioned in point 4 then try to listen to relaxing music or even try meditating.

6. Have one hour of “Me Time”

Take one hour out at least once a week to do something just for you. Girls, you may wish to run a bubble bath, pamper yourself with bath bombs, face masks, mani-pedi’s accompanied by a small glass of champagne. Men, you may also wish to do this alternatively there is no harm in the stereotypical watching and/or playing of sport, computer games and or building something from scratch. Whatever makes you happy and increases your endorphin level should dictate how you spend this hour of your time. This hour will act as a powerful mood enhancer providing you with enough energy for the week ahead.

7. Eat healthy

As summer approaches so does a myriad of tantalising and tasty array of fruits and vegetables appear on our supermarket shelves as they come into season. These include strawberries, raspberries, nectarines and cherries to name but a few. With an increase in fresh and raw foods your body will thank you for the additional supply of enzymes it needs to not only help you look younger and more radiant but also to increase your vitality levels giving you an added boost for the day ahead. As you eat more of these fruits high in antioxidants, if you want added impact then avoid white refined foods such as bread, pasta, rice, cakes, pastries and any other processed foods. To be a triple threat to any fatigue or exhaustion trying to overtake your system, you can also add a high quality probiotic capsule into your diet to kick exhaustion to the curb.

8. Attract that which you desire

Get motivated to change one important thing in your life – be this to find your perfect partner, get promoted at work or buy the house you’ve always dreamed of. Take a sheet of A3 paper and write where you are on the left-hand side then write where you want to be on the right-hand side. Then take the next 5 to 10 minutes to brainstorm in no particular order all the things you need to achieve or execute in order to get to your desired goal. Put all these points down on your A3 piece of paper then link them together in the order necessary to get your desired outcome. Now fold this piece of paper away and put it somewhere safe, knowing you’ve already triggered off your reticular activating system and your subconscious into seeking out the opportunities you require to make that which you desire and deserve come true. Having faith in this process and letting go of the outcome will not only enable you to enjoy the journey, providing you energy along the way, but also reap the benefits when your desired outcome is attained.

Good luck on your journey. I wish you every health, happiness and energy as you complete your eight steps to the energetic life that excites and empowers you.

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