Restore Your Connection To Your Values With The Affirmation – I Avoid Compromising My Morals When I Am Facing Challenges

Honesty Pays Off

Anything worth achieving is worth working towards with honesty and integrity

I have been put in many a tough situation and found a person I cared about has chosen to compromise his morals to win a point. It’s interesting how when some people are so intent on winning they lose sight of what is of true value and that is their identity. You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say I respect the person looking back at me. I am proud of my values and morals. I do not blame or judge the people in my life who compromise their morals but send them love to find a more productive path for all. In this world, there is much to distract one from taking the higher ground so much so it is often referred to as the road less travelled. This week, I am directing my focus and invite you to join me on using truth as a foundation block of inner strength.


Tough times call for greater resilience. I choose to push through the difficulty and come out with my soul intact.

It is easy to feel discouraged during tough financial times, but I am committed to seeing them through. I am resolute in my decision to stay away from immoral temptations to soothe my financial hardships.

My beliefs are firmly grounded and teach me to persevere instead of give in.

I evade triggers to do something that goes against my standards, beliefs, morals and values just to get myself out of a tough situation. I know shortcuts are not the answer.

There is always an honorable way out of a jam and I am committed to finding it. I know that anything worth achieving is worth working towards. My focus is on remaining true to myself and having faith that a solution is on the horizon.

Whenever I am part of an unsuccessful project at work, I own up to my responsibility. I avoid hiding behind excuses to get myself out of a negative situation. I know that owning the mistake is part of the solution, but I do not take the blame for others.

I know that honesty pays off in the long run. I am rewarded with peace of mind when I choose to tell the truth. I know that if I acknowledge I am the problem that I am also the solution and I use this insight to retain my power. I do not give my power away.

Today, knowing who I am within my soul gives me the motivation to work through the toughest times. Being true to myself means living according to my code of morals in each situation.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are some of the instances that present me with a moral challenge?
  2. What internal resources do I rely on to get me through tough times?
  3. What activities do I participate in to restore commitment to my beliefs?

If you haven’t used affirmations before there is no right way or wrong way to get started. Whether you print them out and read when you like or record them into your phone and listen to them up to 3 times a day, so long as you connect with the affirmation then you are on your way to mastering it. You can also choose an inanimate object that symbolises the concept for you and carry it with you in the day, or add something meaningful to your vision board. You can use this affirmation as part of your meditation. Some people just like to use them as talking points with their friends or inspire them to make wallpapers to share on social media. Whatever feels right, is what was intended for you now you have found your affirmation, so have fun with it.

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