1 Week Coaching Countdown to New You

Grab Your Journal

This is a 6 week challenge. Make sure you start at the beginning and check in every week for the next step.

It’s time to commit to your New You resolutions. I’ll keep today’s coaching session short as the main task to complete today is to decide that you deserve to embrace a new you, and to commit to putting the work in to achieve it.

Now I know it’s challenging to go from writing one word each day to completing a novel, losing 30 pounds, finding a romantic partner, and financing a trip to Egypt. The first step is simple, but creating a cohesive plan is a little more challenging! How can you do it? Well, it’s simple but it might not be easy.

Remember that you prioritised the list of changes you’d like to make. That’s the first step. You simply work your way down through the list. When you’re successfully working toward one goal consistently, it’s time to add in the next priority.

As a rule, you can add in a new priority each month. If a habit takes longer than a month to become automatic, that’s okay! Continue to focus on that one habit until it becomes automatic. Even 3-5 changes over the course of a year would be very significant. Create all your resolutions but remember you don’t have to implement them all at once.

Take time today to manifesr your own miracle and the beauty is you will be able to grant your own wish with self-discipline and planning. Imagine if you:

  • Found your perfect partner
  • Found your perfect job
  • Got in great shape
  • Increased your energy and productivity
  • Started that business you’ve always wanted
  • got closer to leaving your job and working a 4 hour week
  • And had one great adventure doing it all

Create a rough schedule. Find a calendar and make some notes on it. Avoid tying yourself down, as it’s impossible to predict your progress. But get a rough idea of what you can accomplish in a year. Reverse engineer it. Put different resolutions and habits throughout the year – don’t overload them all today.

Mock up woman hand writing in empty notebook and red office stationary. Flat lay, top view. Journal

Set priorities. Choose the few items you’re absolutely committed to accomplishing this year. Four big goals equal one per quarter. take a couple of goals to ease yourself in. What will you have accomplished by March 31st. Then take 3 or 4 goals for June 30th. 4 goals for September 30th, and another 4 for December 31st? Maybe you have a goal that will require 12 months and take you through to next year, but knowing what milestones will you have reached by these target dates helps spur you on.

Visualise the new you. Imagine how you’ll look, think, and feel at the end of the quarter or year. How will you hold yourself, what conversations do you have, are you uplifted, brighter, lighter with less stress and anxiety. What does that look like?  Get excited. Keep coming back to this picture when you’re struggling.

Now the biggest part – test out those New You resolutions with friends and family. Put in on your social media or share it over lunch with friends. Whatever feels right for you. Now you will have some people who will negate your resolutions and want you to fail especially if they failed theirs. Use that energy to push you further to prove them wrong. You will also have others who want to support you. Work out how to have them keep you on track throughout the year.

Be patient. A year can seem like a long time to wait. Focus on today. Tomorrow will come. Stringing together enough good days is the key to success and remember to enjoy the journey. Embrace those bad habits as the new good ones are coming in next week 🙂

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