When Feeling Emotional Use The Affirmation – I Channel My Emotions Towards Positive Choices


Affirmations are a small part of our coaching. For transformative results coach with us and mix them with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, coaching & journaling.

I channel my emotions towards positive choices

I embrace my emotions because they connect me to my true inner self. They help me honestly express how I feel. My feelings are an integral part of me.

Even when what I am going through generates negative feelings, I use my emotions constructively. It is easy for me to find solutions to issues when I am emotionally charged up.

Sometimes taking a moment to confront my emotional state is what I need. Giving myself that chance helps me to turn any negativity into a learning experience. When I view my feelings that way, I am able to make sound choices.

Today, I take hold of each of my emotions because they help to complete me. I am committed to using them to build a healthy and positive existence. My decisions in life are based on acknowledging and respecting my true self.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I make the necessary adjustment when I find myself caught up in negative emotions?
  2. When is it okay for me to acknowledge that I am unsure of what decision to make?
  3. What can I do to manage my emotions so they are more positive?
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