When Feeling Alone Use The Affirmation – I Feel The Presence Of My Loved Ones


Affirmations are a small part of our coaching. For transformative results coach with us and mix them with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, coaching & journaling.

I feel the presence of my loved ones

I sense the presence of my loved ones around me. I am happy to have them in my life at all times. My loved ones come in all shapes and sizes.

I am happy my loved ones are part of my existence. I acknowledge their contributions to my success and progress. I know they are with me even if they have passed on to the other side.

I see clues that my loved ones are with me.

My loved ones are in my dreams and in my reality. They are part of my past, present, and future. I carry their love and advice with me everywhere. I cherish the memories we have together.

Even my deceased loved ones are still here. They are part of the universe and continue on in a different form.

My heart is healed because I know my loved ones are around me.

I feel the encouragement and support of my family members and friends. I sense how they protect me during stress or challenges. I lean on their love to guide me on. I am grateful to have them in my life.

Today, I notice the presence of my loved ones. They surround me with protection and love. They guide me in my decisions and help me create a positive future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I help others understand that our loved ones are still here?
  2. What can I do to ensure that my mind and heart are always open to the positive influence of my loved ones?
  3. How can I use their guidance to help others?
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