To Let Go Of The Past Use The Affirmation – Each Day I Make Strides Towards Bettering My Future


Affirmations are a small part of our coaching. For transformative results coach with us and mix them with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, coaching & journaling.

Each day, I make strides towards bettering my future and letting go of the past

I am fully aware that the past is in the past. Therefore, I keep my chin up and move forward with my life without looking back.

I have zero control over events that have already occurred in my life. However, I do have control over my future. Therefore, I assert my authority over my future by making sound decisions that allow me to live well today and in the days to come.

I take responsibility for my actions. Generally, the things I do bring positive experiences into my life. However, from time to time, I do make an unsound decision. When this happens, I have the courage to face the outcome of my actions.

I choose to learn from my difficulties, ensuring that the same mistake is never made twice. This in itself allows me to create a better future!

My possibilities are shining brightly! Rather than dreaming my days away, I make the most of each day by planting small seeds now to reap rewards in the future.

Life is about making the most of what I have now, while still reaching for greater happiness. I allow this understanding to fill me each and every day.

Today, I take an unbiased look at my future. I also make the most of the skills and gifts I have right now.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I structure my goals into small measurable steps?
  2. How can I let go of the past and completely focus on the here-and-now?
  3. How can I ensure that I enjoy a comfortable future?
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