Top Advice for Hiring a Nanny

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Hiring a nanny can be daunting for some. Our starter tips are below. For transformative results coach with us and combine our suggestions with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, further coaching & journaling.

A nanny can simplify your life and make it easier to raise your children. However, before you hire a nanny, it’s important to consider carefully who will take the job.

Follow these strategies to find the perfect nanny for your little one:

Decide on the type of nanny you want. Do you want a young nanny who can run faster than the kids, or do you prefer an older nanny who is more like a grandmother?

  • Before you begin searching for a nanny, put together a list of the qualifications you desire. The list can include age ranges, education, experience, and references.
  • You may want to discuss these qualities with your entire family to ensure that everyone knows what to expect.

Consider nanny agencies. Do you want to use a nanny agency, or do you want to use other sources? Nanny agencies may be easier for busy parents because they offer lists of candidates who are vetted.

  • You can post ads and search for a nanny on your own. However, you may benefit from using nanny agencies with references.
  • Nanny agencies require their candidates to go through background checks, and they verify experience and references. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend on finding a nanny.

Consider the contract. Nanny agencies usually have contracts you can use to hire a person. However, if you’re doing this on your own, it might be wise to consult a lawyer.

  • You want a contract that clearly states the duties and obligations of the nanny. The contract should include wages and bonuses you’ll pay the nanny. It should also outline expectations and make it easy for both of you to end the contract.

Do several interviews. One interview per candidate may not be enough to give you all the information you need. You may need to narrow down the list and do follow-up interviews with the top candidates.

  • The interview process needs to be extensive because you’ll be trusting the nanny with your children’s lives.
  • Discuss discipline methods, background information, previous jobs, and child development activities. You may also want to discuss the type of enrichment activities the nanny enjoys doing with the children.

Do background checks. Even though it costs money, it’s important to get a thorough background check on each of your final candidates. The last thing you want is to discover negative information after they’re already taking care of your children.

  • Investigate the nanny’s online presence and check social media accounts. This may reveal interesting information about the nanny’s ideas about children and parents.

Check references. It’s possible for candidates to have fake references because they may ask friends or family members to vouch for them. Ask for multiple references and check them thoroughly.

Consider a trial run. The top nanny candidates can do a trial run and watch the children for a short period of time.

  • This will give you the chance to see them in action and judge their ability to handle the children. You may also want to drop in from time to time when the nanny is taking care of your kids. The surprise drop-in will give you the chance to see how the nanny reacts to changes.

Nannies can relieve the pressure of raising children in busy homes. It’s important to carefully evaluate each candidate before you hire a nanny. Your kids’ lives and futures depend on it.

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