To Quiet The Mind Use The Affirmation – I Silence The Voice Of Self-criticism


Affirmations are a small part of our coaching. For transformative results coach with us and mix them with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, coaching & journaling.

I silence the voice of self-criticism

I turn a deaf ear to self-criticism. Such disparagement can paralyze me on the road to self-improvement. Instead of stopping progress, I stop critical thoughts lurking in my mind.

I unmask self-criticism when it comes disguised as self-reflection or self-improvement. The difference between the voice of self-criticism and self-improvement is that self-criticism focuses on what I have done wrong, self-improvement looks to the future.

Through positive reflection, I focus on my strengths to create a better me. I refrain from punishing myself or fixating about what I have done wrong in the past. I strive to nurture my strong points and improve the other areas.

The voice of self-criticism attempts to fill me with shame by reminding me of my mistakes. I stand up to that voice by focusing on my positive interactions and successes, instead of playing shameful thoughts over and again.

I surrender the areas of my life that need improvement to my Creator. I give up trying to be perfect or trying to be like someone else and purely embrace who I was created to be.

I exhibit grace and mercy toward myself, forgiving for my shortcomings and accepting myself the way I am. I acknowledge that I am a work in progress and I continue on my quest to be a better person. I am strengthened by staying positive about the future.

Today, I shut down self-criticism and focus on positive thoughts. I trade negative criticism for positive reflection in order to fly above and beyond my dreams.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I recognise the difference between self-criticism and self-improvement?
  2. What are my three greatest strengths?
  3. What can I do to silence the voice of self-criticism when it creeps into my thoughts?
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