See How Easily You Can Make Wonderful Family Websites And Photobooks

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When asked for an alternative to scrapbooking we suggested the below. For transformative results coach with us and combine our suggestions with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, further coaching & journaling.

Family websites and photobooks make it easy to capture events and strengthen our ties to our loved ones. It’s unbelievably easy and affordable to put together a deluxe package of treasured family moments.

Tips for Family Websites:

Apply your technology skills. There are projects suitable for every skill level. You may want to download online templates and just add your own content. On the other hand, you may like making your own videos and creating other special features.

Offer variety. You have endless options for presenting images and text. Engage your audience with an array of stories, games, lists, trivia, family recipes, and press clippings.

Protect your privacy. Security is a major concern. Use strong passwords to limit access to private information. By taking simple security precautions, you can make your family website safer than communicating through social media.

Tips for Family Photo Books:

Publish a coffee table book. Turn your material into an awesome coffee table book. Your kids will love showing it off, and it will entertain your guests.

Create a series of flip books. You’ll also want small photo books that you can carry around without weighing you down. Select your best shots to show off in a flip book that easily fits into your purse or pocket.

Choose your format. You can work with a designer or rely on your own craft work. Express your own personal style by choosing paper, fonts, and layouts that appeal to you.

Additional Tips:

Update frequently. Children change rapidly and dramatically in the early childhood years. Grab those moments before they pass. You can also document the details of anniversary parties and other events while they’re still vivid in your mind.

Feature artwork. Exhibit your children’s artwork. You can even use your refrigerator door as the backdrop to connect past and present traditions. Small children may be able to express themselves better in pictures than words, so it helps them contribute. You can also add your own illustrations.

Include all generations. While you’re taking baby pictures, remember to give every family member a role. Take group and individual shots of all the kids, grandparents, and other relatives. Include the family pets, too.

Reach out to distant relatives. Stay close to your third cousins or your niece who lives on the other side of the world. Invite them to visit your website and send them personal messages. You may soon be chatting by phone or planning vacations together.

Collect family health information. Any interaction between those who are related is an ideal opportunity to learn more about your family health history. This knowledge could literally save your life or even just give you an early warning about when to expect your first gray hairs.

Personalise gifts. You may love your photos so much that you want to transform them into more than 2 dimensions. Whip up customised gifts with your pictures on mugs, aprons, or backpacks. You can make them at home or order merchandise from an online retailer.

Browse for samples. Seek inspiration from other families. Check out what others are doing with website and blogging templates. Borrow ideas from your best friend’s family website.

Get together in person. While you’re having fun online, remember how good it feels to have face-to-face contact. Your digital communications can help you coordinate holiday gatherings, plan family reunions, and strengthen family connections.

Your most important memories deserve to be showcased on something bigger than a smartphone screen. Use family websites and photo books to preserve your special times. You’ll be able to enjoy them over and over again, as well as share them with those you love.

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