To Experience The Now, Use The Affirmation – I Accept My Past & Live In The Present


Affirmations are a small part of our coaching. For transformative results coach with us and mix them with a combination of Power Words, action projects, metrics, coaching & journaling.

I accept my past and live in the present

Each day is a wonderful gift. During the next few hours, I have the opportunity to work, laugh, share, and dream. I spend my time trying to make my life special and satisfying. I make a conscious effort to live in the moment so I can be content.

I am thankful for this day and choose to make the most of it.

An important aspect of living bountifully in the present is being able to accept the past. Even though I have sad, scary, and challenging situations in my past, I strive to be at peace with those events.

I realize there is a reason for everything. I feel strong in the present because I reflect on the experiences from my past. Much of who I am today is due to my past.

I avoid letting the imperfections of my before-life negatively affect my life today. Although I realize I am far from invincible, I know I am an empowered human being who can do whatever I put my mind to.

Today, I reflect on all the ways I am living in the present. I have overcome difficult experiences and I avoid letting them be stumbling blocks to me in the present. I vow to live in the here and now.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What events from my past have I failed to accept?
  2. How do I focus on living in the present?
  3. What steps can I take to ensure that I live my best life?
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