Learn To Create A Healthy Distance Without An Emotional Reaction With The Affirmation – I Distance Myself From Negativity

Create Distance From Toxic People

Relationships are more durable when they are fueled by positive energy

Sometimes the best way to remove yourself from negativity is to get perspective. I have this tenant that really presses my buttons. Is he the worst tenant in the world – no. Is he someone who I feel breeds negativity – absolutely. He has a sense of entitlement that makes it harder to warm towards him. Often I like to have a personal touch with my tenants, it’s the cheapest way of getting to have my phone number and ask me the occasional question without joining one of my courses! I have had tenants who have kept in touch years after they move out, and ones who have asked me advice on buying their first property. With this tenant, the one that I just don’t gel with, I assign my assistant to deal with them. It keeps them at arm’s length and yet all issues get solved objectively without the need for me to enter into his world. I challenge you to outsource some of your more problematic people and learn to create a healthy distance without an emotional reaction.


I am a peacekeeper. Relationships are more durable when they are fueled by positive energy. I keep away from negativity as a way to maintain amicability.

Tensions are difficult to handle, so I prefer to diffuse them early. My department at work is a peaceful place because of that. I set a tone of positivity by how I deal with issues. Instead of pointing the finger, I focus on finding resolutions.

This approach keeps issues from blowing up unnecessarily. I appreciate when my team members come to me for assistance to resolve something.

When a friend is dealing with a personal issue, I am careful with giving advice. It is important to encourage open-mindedness and forgiveness. Doing this sets the tone for my friend to deal with the situation maturely.

Although I only hold responsibility for my own actions, I look out for my friends. I do what I am able to lift them out of negativity.

Personal conflict impacts emotions and makes it difficult to think clearly. Before my own relationships get to the point of conflict, I choose to wave the white flag. Promoting peace is hardly an admission of guilt. It is a sign of willingness to forgive and forget.

The further away from negative energy I am, the greater my quality of life.

Today, each of my days is rich because of the soul-filling energy that I promote. I know that I am responsible for creating the life that I am happy with. That starts by focusing on positive living.

  1. What are some of the consistently negative influences in my life?
  2. How do I tell someone that their approach is harmful without hurting their feelings?
  3. What steps do I take to diffuse a situation that is already in a state of negativity?

If you haven’t used affirmations before there is no right way or wrong way to get started. Whether you print them out and read when you like or record them into your phone and listen to them up to 3 times a day, so long as you connect with the affirmation then you are on your way to mastering it. You can also choose an inanimate object that symbolises the concept for you and carry it with you in the day, or add something meaningful to your vision board. You can use this affirmation as part of your meditation. Some people just like to use them as talking points with their friends or inspire them to make wallpapers to share on social media. Whatever feels right, is what was intended for you now you have found your affirmation, so have fun with it.

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