To Strengthen Your Resolve Use The Affirmation – I Am Guided By Standards I Set For Myself

Keep Your Standards High

Lower your expectations and raise your standards and win the day every day.

I have found with myself and my clients over the years that your standards are far more valuable to you than your expectations. Expectations can be broken by others, but your standards are something you have control over. To me, standards are like my word and just like Tony Montana is famous for saying he does not break his word for no-one, likewise I do not compromise my standards for anyone or anything. That doesn’t mean that I am not flexible in approach, but my standards are not for sale. To help you strengthen your standards so you can stick to them without feeling bullied to let them slide or too tired to make them valuable, here is an affirmation to get you through this week.


There are times I encounter situations that test my integrity. I know it is easy to give in to temptations that promise a better life. But I think first of my beliefs. I prefer to achieve success the honest way than to compromise my beliefs.

I recognise that my mistakes help me to determine right from wrong. I embrace the person I am because every trait I have serves a purpose.

I endeavor to help others set standards for themselves. I let them know the importance of standing for something. I do not impose my standards on others but I share my standards when asked.

I know I can fall for anything if I neglect to define my standards. I treasure my friendships, but I avoid allowing them to dictate my actions. My friends and I have similar traits, but I prefer to be bound by my own standards.

Sometimes my standards seem unpopular. But popularity is less important to me than having peace of mind. I remain peaceful and set a positive example for others when I act according to what I believe.

Today, I am focused on maintaining the standards I set for myself. My mission each day is to act according to those standards. I believe that sticking to my beliefs helps to make me a stronger person.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do my standards change based on changing circumstances in my life?
  2. How often do I end up questioning whether my beliefs are worthwhile?
  3. Do my children make decisions based on standards I help them to set for themselves? 

If you haven’t used affirmations before there is no right way or wrong way to get started. Whether you print them out and read when you like or record them into your phone and listen to them up to 3 times a day, so long as you connect with the affirmation then you are on your way to mastering it. You can also choose an inanimate object that symbolises the concept for you and carry it with you in the day, or add something meaningful to your vision board. You can use this affirmation as part of your meditation. Some people just like to use them as talking points with their friends or inspire them to make wallpapers to share on social media. Whatever feels right, is what was intended for you now you have found your affirmation, so have fun with it.


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