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The solution to making your life the way you want it starts in the knowledge that you have the power to turn the energy of negative emotions into something useful rather than having it drain you like a parasite. The catch is you need your own reserve of energy and the formula to do it. It’s often written about that toxic people or situations control their victims, but people rarely talk about the formula that can be used to rid people of any trigger points even if they are still around those toxic people or situations. I have created my own formula and I have been using it for over two decades.  So, if you are intrigued by how the simple thing you do every day can improve not only your mental health but your energy levels, relationships, and bank balance then this is the place for you. My formula has allowed me to help 1000’s of people be it in relationships, business or mental wealth and I look forward to sharing it with you. If you want to find out more about what I do then click here.

My journey to devising the formula wasn’t smooth. I came from a world where during my childhood I was exposed to fear, abuse and pain at a high level in the place that was supposed to be a safe place – my home. I threw myself into academia and was recognised by experts, press and some of the finest academic institutions as a child prodigy, in not just one area but all subjects I had a passion for, which made me unique for the time. Such recognition came with high expectations from others. All this was before I even turned 10 years old, but the academic pressures were the least of my concerns.

On the outside, I had a perfect life and people thought things came easily to me. In reality, I was hiding in academia while watching at close quarters a family member react very damagingly to fear. Instead of walking away from toxicity, they became mentally and emotionally abusive to those they loved in an attempt to protect a fake reality. That reality was created to hide the fact that they had invited a man into our home that was imposing a high level of fear, control, aggression and hostility which lasted many decades.  I watched firsthand the effects of how he puppeteered other’s emotions for what appeared to be entertainment. The saddest part, I’m not even sure he knew there was a different way of being. Some who knew the individuals said those adults displayed narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies which definitely made for some interesting parenting styles. Their behavior however had a positive side, it developed a huge amount of resilience in me, and a passion to help others master their own inner power especially in the face of adversity.

My exposure during childhood demonstrated to me the power of emotions.  I saw how negative emotions can be created in healthy people by toxic people. They play on a person’s expectations, attachments and often pull them out of the reality of the present sometimes even isolating them. Those negative emotions if left unheard can cause issues for people, inherently pulling them away from being the author of their own life, and putting their lives in the hands of circumstance or worse still other people who do not have their best interests at heart. 

It is not surprising that I became fascinated by the power of emotions and worked out that with a simple formula you can have unlimited resilience to unhelpful emotions and thoughts. I call it the Fortitude Formula. What I have demonstrated when coaching my clients is that emotions are not just there to be controlled by toxic people, they can also be guided and reformed by those who want better for themselves and the world.

So what’s the formula. It’s a simple three-step equation.

The first step of the formula is to find a focus

  • something that keeps you in the now
  • provides you with energy
  • satisfies your six emotional needs
  • and can be done every day

There are quite a few options but the one I love is food. Cooking it, eating it with friends, finding somewhere new to enjoy it, or experimenting with new flavours and textures.  That’s the main one that I share with you on this website and I call it Culinary Empowerment.

Culinary empowerment is not promoting healthy eating, although it recognises the nutritional value of foods. There are lots of websites to gather healthy eating information from. Culinary empowerment is far more focused on how you prepare your food, where you eat it, what you talk about while eating, how you feel, the environment you eat in and who you eat it with.

I look forward to showing you how food can be your first step on your journey to mental wealth and also sharing the full formula with those of you who are ready to take the full journey. You will find more about step two and three of the formula within these pages, in my podcast (soon to be released) and on my live webinars.

Everyone deserves their dreams in life, and I choose to create this website for anyone who is interested in a way forward through any unhelpful emotions, negative thoughts, anxieties, distractions or people that are holding them back. If that is you then I hope you enjoy this website, if this sound like a friend, then let them know about this safe space for them to be.

Thank you for reading!

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