5 Week Coaching Countdown To A New You

Grab Your Journal

This is a 6 week challenge. Make sure you start at the beginning and check in every week for the next step.

Last week we identified which areas were making you feel a need to change. This week we will spend time on deciding which areas are going to be the best areas for you to make your goals about.  It is not just about choosing which areas. It is about getting a clear idea of what will actually make you happy not what you think might make you happy.

Choosing Areas to Enhance

Focus on the low-rated areas of your life. Improving a “5” to a “10” will mean less to you than improving a “2” to a “10.” We’re all limited by the amount of time we have available to us. Focus your time and energy on the aspects of your life that will provide the greatest benefit. Spend your time wisely.

Grab your journal and determine which area of improvement will provide the greatest benefit:

  1. Create the “10” version for each item rated less than five. Design a version that you’d be excited to add to your life. You may wish to do this using a vision board, a photo app on your phone, be creative, get a scrapbook out if you want. The more visual and the more real you can make your 10 version, the more your brain will seek out opportunities to manifest what you need. Once it feels right, see if you can make it any better. If you are going to dream you might as well dream big. A few examples from the previous list:
  • “I wake up feeling refreshed. I can’t wait to start my day.”
  • “My car is reliable, comfortable, and I feel proud to own it.”
  • “I have plenty of good friends and an active social life that brings me joy.”
  1. Put your revisions in order of preference. Consider which of your new 10’s would add the most to your life. Imagine your life with the corresponding changes and trust your gut. Which would have the biggest impact? Put your list in order.
  • Where do you feel the most pain in your life? What causes you the most stress? Many psychologists believe that we’re naturally happy. It’s only the negative parts of our lives that make us unhappy. So you don’t need anything in order to be happy other than to be free of the bad stuff!

It is human nature to turn to our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, but this is a mistake in certain circumstances. The weakest parts of your life limit your happiness and sense of well-being. Ensure you’re prioritising your focus. Address the low-rated parts of your life first. When these have been conquered, you can turn your attention to other areas. Have fun with this part, it’s time to be creative. If you are more of a list person and a list is right for you don’t feel pressurised into being visual however do note visualisations work really well when carving out a new year resolution plan.

Next week we will be looking at how to instigate a powerful change.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw

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